Adult Registration Form

Please have all adults, including coaches, chaperones, and other adult observers, fill out the following registration form so that they receive invitations to the conference app.


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Conference Volunteers will assist in the administrative or organizational side of the conference, and may be asked to help tally scores or move people between Zoom rooms.

Courtroom Volunteers have some legal background or courtroom experience, and may be asked to help judge delegates in the courtroom or offer legal feedback to student participants.

I grant permission for photographs, written/art work, quotes, videos or other media to be used in media releases which benefit the YMCA Nationwide Judicial Conference.


You may need to wait up to 1 minute for your form to process, please do not click submit more than once.

Please note, the information contained in this form will be sent for verification to all of the email addresses (parent and student) provided in the form above.

After pressing submit, scroll up to see if you have incorrectly completed any fields (they will be highlighted in red)