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As a Judge or Chief Justice, you will preside over the courtroom, support the mock trial and appellate teams, help shape questioning from the bench and provide consistency to the proceedings throughout the entire competition. You will not supervise students and will not be involved in scoring. Applicants will attend the Virtual Nationwide Judicial Competition as part of their state delegation. Please ensure you submit your application by the deadline.


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I am an incoming or outgoing Senior in high school or will enter freshmen year of College this fall 2021.
Ability to speak in public, over Zoom.
Knowledge of courtroom procedure.
I have received approval from my State Director to apply for this position.
I understand that, if accepted, I will attend the Conference Training Sessions as well as the entirety of the Judicial Competition (July 26-29).

I grant permission for photographs, written/art work, quotes, videos or other media to be used in media releases which benefit the YMCA Nationwide Judicial Conference.
I have been in contact with my State Director and understand my state's fee agreement.

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Why are you interested in serving as a Mock Trial Judge or Chief Justice?

What experience or experiences do you have that have prepared you to serve as a Mock Trial Judge or Chief Justice?


By clicking the box below, all delegates listed on this registration form certify they will attend the Judicial Conference and agree to the Virtual Code of Conduct. Should any delegate choose to withdraw their registration after July 1, that delegate is responsible for their state's delegate fee or for finding a substitute.

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