MUN B Candidate Nomination and Profile

Please complete the following form to run for office at MUN. Candidate nominations are due by the Final Deadline. Nominations will not be accepted after the Final Deadline. Information about speeches will be e-mailed to you.

Please note that all candidate nominations are subject to approval by both your school advisor and YMCA Center for Civic Engagement staff. Campaigns and speeches must fulfill the character standards set forth by YMCA.


  • Secretary General*
  • General Assembly President (3)*
  • General Assembly Vice President (6)

Remember, offices marked by a * require at least one prior year of MUN experience

Note: Security Council Liaison and General Assembly Liaison are application-based offices. Apply for those here. Secretariat Liaison, Security Council President, ICJ Justices, ICJ Liaison, and DGC Officers are elected within those components during the conference. Nominations for those positions are not accepted on this page.

Please only submit one form. Please provide a valid email addresses that you check frequently.

NOTE: Please use the following format for phone numbers: (123)SPACE456-7890


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Paste the entire text of your platform here. (Maximum 150 words)

Remember, the platform includes three issues that a candidate believes are important for MUN to address. These three issues must include:

1. An issue that affects the candidate’s community service interests.

2. An issue that affects the US foreign policy or international relations.

3. An issue that affects the globe or UN as a whole.

A platform should be more than listing problems, but does not necessarily need to endorse specific policies.

A value is required.


You may need to wait up to 1 minute for your form to process, please do not click submit more than once.

Please note, the information contained in this form will be sent for verification to all of the email addresses (parent and student) provided in the form above.

After pressing submit, scroll up to see if you have incorrectly completed any fields (they will be highlighted in red)

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