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For detailed instructions on how to write a country profile, click here

In addition to writing a resolution, each country is required to submit a country profile. This country profile will be displayed next to the country’s resolution on the conference app. Should your resolution advance to General Assembly or Plenary, your country profile will be projected onto a screen during the presentation of your resolution.

In order to upload your research, you should type it out in a document first to avoid losing your work. You must have JavaScript enabled to use this system. You can find out if you have JavaScript enabled by scrolling to the bottom of this page. If the page says "You need JavaScript enabled to submit your resolution" then you do not have JavaScript enabled and should not attempt to use this form because it will not work until you have enabled JavaScript. For more information on enabling JavaScript click here.

You should fill out the Student Names fields with the names of your team members. Click the blue Add Student link under the field to add each additional member's name. You should limit teams to 3 members and not add more than 5 members to a team in any circumstance.

Select your school, country, and committee from the drop down boxes.

Copy the text of your research into the appropriate boxes.

You are now ready to submit your research.

Research and Country Profile Upload Form

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MUN Country:


Part 1:

The basic country information questions are found below and can be answered using the CIA World Factbook.



Government Type:

GDP per capita:


Part 2:

Following the completion of Part 1, you will submit your answers to 3 short answer questions. Each answer may be between 100 and 150 words.

These questions are intended to help you think through the international scope of issues facing your country and the international community. They are also intended to help you think through the ways in which the powers of the UN are able to address these problems. (i.e. Is the solution you propose in your resolution within the jurisdiction of the UN?)

1. Describe the problem your resolution hopes to address. (100-150 words)

2. Why is this problem that you hope to address an issue for the international community? (100-150 words)

3. Why should this problem be addressed by the United Nations? (100-150 words)

Please note, the information contained in this form will be sent for verification to all of the email addresses (parent and student) provided in the form above.