YIG Capitol Officer Application Page

Students applying this school year will be selected to serve at the conference during the following school year. Here, students may apply for the following positions:

  • Red Engrossing Clerk
  • White/Blue Engrossing Clerk
  • Red House Clerk
  • Red Senate Clerk
  • White House Clerk
  • White Senate Clerk
  • Blue House Clerk
  • Blue Senate Clerk
  • Students must apply for these positions before the Final Deadline of their conference. These applications will be processed and the selected officers will be announced at the Closing Ceremony.

    NOTE: Please use the following format for phone numbers: (123)SPACE456-7890


    Student Information:

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    Please answer the following Application Questions. We suggest preparing your answers in a seperate word document, and then pasting them below. For Question 2, please only answer the question pertaining to your office. Answers must be no more than 300 words.

    Application Question 1 (300 word max)

    How do you (or how will you) embody the concept of servant leadership?

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    Application Question 2 (300 word max)

    1. If you are applying for Engrossing Clerk: On a lunch break, delegates come up to you to complain about the Speaker Pro-Temp of your chamber. How do you handle this conversation? (Feel free to add details to the scenario)

    2. If you are applying for Clerk: Bills that passed in the Senate are out of order on the House docket. A delegate comes to you because they are upset that they might not get to present. How do you handle this?

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    You may need to wait up to 1 minute for your form to process, please do not click submit more than once.

    Please note, the information contained in this form will be sent for verification to all of the email addresses (parent and student) provided in the form above.

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